Dining at Villa Adi

Stay in, relax and let us cook for you!

Our kitchen offers an la carte menu with meals served in your villa.  A great way to have some Balinese home-style cooking.  Our cook is happy to arrange meals that meet your dietary requirements – a bespoke experience.

Dining Out

Head out and explore the many varied restaurants in amed

Blue Moon

15 minutes by Car / scooter 

Offering a large selection of Western, Balinese and Indonesian dishes. Reasonably priced, great service and a laid back vibe. The grilled mahi-mahi is spot on and the  mango crumble for a sweet ending. Great coffee as well! Free transfers on offer. 

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10 MINUTES by car / scooter

A modern, chic minimalist décor with high airy ceilings – a great place for lunch or dinner. The views are quite spectacular – best for an earlish dinner . Our picks are ikan pepes (spiced up fish in banana leaf) and the pork ribs. Complimentary mineral water – no throw away plastic bottles. We love the concept! Call for free transfers.

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Amed Harmony Cafe

2 MINUTES walking 

A wonderful eating experience just next door to Villa Adi. Great Balinese food made from locally sourced vegetables and the back yard herb garden. Try your hand at Balinese cooking – take a half or full day cooking class and master your sambal.

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The Grill

4 MINUTES walking

Just around the corner from Villa Adi is a carnivore’s delight! Grilled beef, pork and fish are on offer along with a dazzling assortment of salads and wraps. A relaxing place to eat with a fun decor and good service.

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